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John's Intro

Have you seen who is writing in The Resource lately?  18 months ago, we launched The Resource with the goal of providing “actionable ideas” for retailers to implement in their stores. The staff consisted of hard working members of the OneCoast Team. Marc Dudley, Director of Visual Merchandising, Nora Chapman, Vice President of Sales, Majda Rensberger, Director of Marketing, and others. You may have noticed that recently we have replaced some of our OneCoast contributors with industry experts such as Becky Tyre of the Retail Details blog. She has a wonderful perspective on merchandising and continues to share some excellent advice.  She has proven to be a great addition to The Resource and look forward to her many more contributions in the future.

Starting this edition, you will be seeing some new experts sharing their wisdom and advice.  Patricia Norins, Publisher of Gift Shop Magazine, will be sharing tips on increasing impulse buying within your store and Lindsay Phillips who will be highlighting fashion trends for the season. In our popular Retailer Showcase article, we feature Parkleigh Gift Shop in Rochester, NY who will share their insights in driving business with impulse buys.  

I hope you like the articles and the contributions of our new contributing authors.  From impulse buying and cash-wrap successes to fall fashion trends, this month is full of “actionable ideas”.  We will continue to work hard at providing you with valuable information that you can put to use in your store today.  If you want to email me with any ideas or suggestions, please email me at john.keiser@onecoast.com.  And as always…..THANKS FOR READING!  

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