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Eleven Ways to be a Great Manager or Boss

By Barbara Wold, Retail & Consumer Tips, 4/4/2007
Daily affirmations
  1. I am present and I pay attention
  2. I am respectful (and never speak negatively or gossip about another employee or a customer)
  3. I trust my employees to do the right thing
  4. I trust them to have common sense
  5. I ask for their opinions and listen carefully to them
  6. I understand that they are interested in the good of the whole company
  7. I support their growth by having high expectations for them and then I inspire them to live up to those expectations.
  8. I invite them to use their strengths and stretch
  9. I give them feedback in a number of ways:
    • I show my confidence both verbally and behaviorally
    • I behave in a way that communicates to them that I think they have the "right stuff"
  10. I keep information flowing
  11. I honor who they are
Tack this one up on your wall or in your calendar and make sure that you live these qualities every day.

Copyright 2006. Reprinted with permission from Barbara Wold's Retail & Consumer Tips, bwold@ix.netcom.com.
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