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Buy Me: 5 Quick Tips to Get that Impulse Purchase

Getting that impulse purchase in your store can sometimes be tough. But it’s all about how you approach it. When you connect with your customers, they will make a connection with you, your store and your products so much easier. Get 5 quick tips to implement in your store and see how adding an item or two to your customer’s checklist can quickly add to your bottom line without being pushy.

Meet Our New Vendor Oilily

Meet Oilily, a distinctive Dutch lifestyle brand that is sold in over 60 countries. The unique line is renowned for its women’s and children’s bags, travel bags, shawls and cosmetics. Their creativity leads to fresh ideas, original products and unexpected initiatives. Oilily’s motto is clear: MAKE NEW THINGS HAPPEN! Learn about this exciting company, history behind the brand and what the future holds for them.

Color Trends for Fall 2014

A shift in the seasons is fast approaching. At Pantone, the global authority on color, they have painted the colorful canvas for the season and it is truly inspiring. We did the homework for you and pulled together the top colors for Fall 2014. See what’s hot and get the must-have colors to help get your store ready for fall.

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