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Back-To-School Season is NOT Just For the Kids

Written by C.R. Gibson/Madeline Merryman

At the end of every summer, kids around the U.S. venture out to find the newest and coolest school supplies on the market to ensure an amazing upcoming school year. Adults are also looking for a fresh start and new office supplies at the end of each summer. “Back-to-school” isn’t just for kids anymore! The season is the biggest time of the year for adults to purchase office supplies and stationary products.

Stationary is a growing category. Sales are up 13% over last year according to Gifts & Decorative Accessories. Millennials want designs that reflect their uniqueness. Focus group participants shared that their journals, stationary, office products, and list pads are a statement of their own personal brand. With basic office furniture and neutral wall colors, small pieces, like stationary and journals, are a great way to affordably give an office some personality and life.

Journal Focus Group Feedback:

Mini/small journals can easily fit in a handbag or pocket. The primary usage of mini/small journals is quick notes and lists. Mini/small journals are preferred second to the medium size journal. When displaying the mini/small journals in your retail space, we suggest placing the product near kitchenware for grocery lists or near hand bags as to-do lists.

Medium journals are far and away the largest and most important format. This format is favored by journalers and often kept overtime. Medium journals are the largest area of growth in all materials and bindings. Medium journals can be displayed in a lot of different ways because of the functional size. One option is to display the medium journals in multiple areas of your retail space to show customers all of the different ways that journal could be used.

Large journals are used by professionals and enthusiasts alike. The primary usage is generally tied to a specific setting, as the journal is less portable. When merchandising larger journals, display with a padfolio or classic pen set for a more professional look.


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Madeline Merryman is a team member of C.R. Gibson.