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Seasonal Display Ideas from Our Retailers

Retail displays and visual merchandising are essential in driving interest and excitement to your store. But what’s really important to note is that is helps to drive additional revenue for your store. Catch your customer’s attention with these Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas design ideas and vignettes shared by our retailers from around the country.

Gobble up this photo below featuring the Mud Pie Thanksgiving collection from Darling & Distressed in Mendenhall, Mississippi. What’s so eye catching is the layered set up of tables from bottom to top. Setting the small table on the large table adds additional height, but also additional space to house products.

This photo comes from the OneCoast Atlanta showroom featuring J.C. & Rollie holiday products. Consider dividing space within your store with an actual window. It allows for a cool way to merchandise product and still be able to see to the other side of your store.

Mud Pie Gnomes have taken over this tabletop display at Casabella in Marietta, Georgia. They can be seen peeking out below, around the foliage and stationed within the baskets. It’s a nice balance of products all around the display drawing your eye all around.

More Mud Pie Thanksgiving at Lowe’s Greehouse, Florist & Gift Shop in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Check out the use of the wagon on the lower right, perfect for holding products. Then, use crates on the lower and upper right to again to display light items like pillows. Keep your large table available to house your heavier items such as platters, plates, and servingware.

MeLinda’s Fine Gifts in Picayune, Mississippi reminds us that Fall is also Football season. Tailgate parties abound this time of year so why not put together a great display featuring your winning products. Incorporating a small grill is a clever way that adds to your themed vignette and allows for more places to display your products.

Here’s another beauty from the OneCoast Atlanta showroom featuring Studio M. At one glance, we all know that Christmas is coming. They have really created a cozy feel with the half mantle and layers wood grouping below. This creative and inviting space allows for use of the mantle top to display products along with utilizing all the space above and below.

Halloween has arrived at Country Harmony in Brownsburg, Indiana. This featured Mud Pie Halloween wall is stocked from top to bottom. The balance of orange throughout the entire wall allows for your eye to travel from side to side. It’s just begging you to check it out, if you dare!

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By Catherine LeBlanc, Marketing Communications Manager at OneCoast