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5 Ways to Stay Organized with Mud Pie

Since we have a little more time at home, we are diving straight into spring cleaning! Let’s start those projects that always get delayed, like cleaning your closet or organizing your pantry! Here are a few ways to help you stay organized.

Tip One: Write down your new routine in a notebook!

Get your ideas out on paper, meal prep for the week, and plan your grocery store visits. Cross off things on your to-do list so you know what you have accomplished!

Tip Two: Use Baskets!

Do you have loose items lying around the house? Baskets can double as décor and an organizational tool. Fill baskets with blankets in your living room, towels in the bathroom, and books or toys in your nursery. There is no such thing as too many baskets around the house!

Tip Three: Recipe Cards and Cookbook holders!

It’s a perfect time to look through all of your recipes. Decide what you would like to keep and what your family enjoys the most. Going through all of your recipes will help spark meal ideas to plan ahead! Make the most of cooking at home and try some recipes you haven’t had in a while!

Tip Four: Lazy Susan!

Declutter your countertops and add cooking accessories to a Lazy Susan! Use it for spices in the pantry or on your dining table for easily accessible items like condiments or napkin holders.

Tip Five: Storage Containers!

You can use these in your kitchen, pantry or bathroom! Keep items you are always reaching for close by. These classy canisters will help make any mess look instantly beautiful!

Reblogged with permissions from Mud Pie. Orginal post can be found here.