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GoGo Gift Bag® inventor, Erin Borges was on her way to a party when she stopped into a retailer to purchase a gift, and gift wrap. As a busy mom, Erin often wrapped presents while on the go. During this all too familiar process, Erin had an ah-ha moment when she realized she needed a quicker solution for those last-minute gifts.

After the party, Erin set out on a mission to revolutionize the gift wrap industry for every busy mom on the go and create a product that was not only fast, reliable, affordable but also beautifully designed. That was the moment the GoGo Gift Bag® concept began.

The GoGo Gift Bag® is a patented, all-in-one gift bag with color-coordinating built-in tissue paper designed to fully conceal its contents, effortlessly. GoGo Gift Bag® feature a unique, patented blooming tissue paper installation which enhances the presentation of your gift and is sure to impress each and every time!

The GoGo Gift Bag® collection is now available in a variety of stylish designs - for every holiday and occasion!