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Paul Thompson

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1.Being Strong in Uncertain Times
By Paul Thompson, 4/21/2009
Paul Thompson
We all know that consumer confidence and spending has been inconsistent. What changes should we make to keep business viable in these uncertain times?
2.Putting It Together
By Paul Thompson, 3/25/2008
Paul Thompson
You don’t just sell the steak, you market the sizzle.

That’s the message from Paul as he selects seven “Best of” presentation ideas.
3.The Best of...
By Paul Thompson, 2/26/2008
Paul Thompson
Last fall I had the privilege of being a judge of a major “best of” design competition in the housewares industry. Since the competition, I’ve been thinking about what I have seen recently that would receive this “best of” design award in the gift and home décor areas.
4.Asking the Right Questions about Your Store Fixtures
By Paul Thompson, 9/25/2007
Selecting the right fixtures is a critical part of your merchandising strategy. All of your fixtures should be a part of a fixture program which need to be thoroughly thought out in regards to the style, feel and the brand of your shop.

Just like fashion, a fixture is right based on silhouette, proportion and fit.
5.Delivered with Style
By Paul Thompson, 4/25/2007
Do you spend a lot of time considering how fixtures, platforms, paint and other visual elements can help you display products in the best possible format to attract your customers?

I certainly do, and I will share some insight with you on this topic. In addition to reading my article here, be sure to tune in to my WebEd seminar for a live 60 minute presentation on the topic on May 1st, during which we'll dive deep into the details (see box to left).
6.Merchandising Tip of the Month
By Paul Thompson, 3/7/2007
When making a retail space appear new and fashionable, time and money may be limited, but your imagination is not.

Telling a story with your displays engages customers and keeps them coming back. Graphics applied to store windows can help promote your brand, giving life and context to the products behind the glass.
7.Color Makes a Glance More Memorable
By Paul Thompson, 10/10/2006
Hot, jazzy, juicy, passionate. Crisp, bold, optimistic, comfortable.

These are some of the adjectives used to describe color. These words also describe our emotional response to color; and the use of color in store displays and interiors is in fact a manageable way to direct the customer's attention.

The following are some real world examples that demonstrate how color can create, enhance and produce emotional responses to merchandise the consumers may have even seen before. Displaying product with color as a focal point may be just what is needed to direct the customers' attention and to spice up sales.
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