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Holiday Merchandising Ideas

By Marc Dudley, Director of Visual Merchandising

Simple merchandising tips for multiple sales for the holidays: 

Cross merchandise by price points.  By placing lower price point merchandise with the higher ones you can increase sales.  Your customer may buy several of the lower priced item, then add on a couple of the higher priced items for impact. 

Multiple merchandising.  Begin with a basic, pre-lit 9’ garland, add a contrasting set of colored lights on top of that garland, then add a decorative garland, picks, and ribbon creating a full and beautiful garland for the mantle or doorway.  Decorative garlands can also be used as an element on a table, arranged with serving pieces for your holiday dinner.  Make sure you or your sales staff can assist a customer in putting things together, and suggest items to work together.  This will also add to the multiple sales. 

Risers for the table.  Use wrapped boxes to serve as risers on the table and will add a touch of color to the display space.  This adds height and makes sure all the merchandise is visible and saleable.

Garage sale and flea market finds.   These are good sources to find items that can be used in your holiday display.  Pieces such as an old wooden ladder, bakers rack, a vintage pie safe, tricycle, wagon, or a red kitchen table will all add a visual spice to your holiday décor.  Even if these items are not in good condition, paint them a Christmas red color that will add impact to your store display.  Use these items as visual props to place products on that you are selling. 

Replenish and move your merchandise.  Once you have merchandised your store for the holidays, don’t think that you are finished and simply wait for it to sell.  You must move and rearrange the display table or hutch weekly.  Stores have repeat customers, and you want to make it look fresh and clean when that customer returns.  That customer may see something that was not seen on the previous visit. 

 Make your store an experience.   Make your store a shopping event for your customer.  Between the time that your store is set up for the holidays and December 24, your customer should want to come to your store not only for purchasing a gift for the holidays, but also for fun.  You want that customer to come again, and to tell friends about the exciting, fun, and creative time that she had in your store. 

Make your customer want more from you and your store. 

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