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Think Small

Refocus retail marketing on decorative accessories provides quick, economic solutions for consumers wanting to change home interiors

S/3 Round Octagonal Boxes
by Global Views
Right now in the low ebb of the business cycle retailers are desperately seeking ways to generate interest and store traffic.

Think accessories with refocused marketing attention to alleviate the pain of sluggish business.

Just because business is disappointing doesn't mean people aren't always interested in small changes to freshen up and enhance their interiors.

Properly promoted, accessories can be an effective consumer stimulant of quick, economic ways to make a change in their home interiors.

Fuchsia Susana Rose Bundle
by SIA
For consumers, retailers can easily provide economical, stylish and design smart reasons (solutions). All that's necessary is shrewdly merchandising attractive and distinctive wall décor, lighting, rugs, accent furniture, table top and affordable art objects.

Most people don't buy entire wardrobes all the time. The same goes for home furnishings - house dressing - and that's the key for decorative accessories.

Using accessories to help people feel better about their home is tantamount to a woman choosing to feel better, more attractive and inspired with discovering (another term for shopping to validate life) a new scarf, new shade of lipstick or evocative ear rings.

The short and long term marketing rationale bodes well for refocusing on decorative accessories when other merchandise isn't attracting attention.

Laredo Flat Vases, Set of 3
by Clay, Metal & Stone
In marketing, accessories are marketing jewels to consumers who immediately sense and see the sparkle that helps retailers:

  • Capture credible attention and stimulate store traffic
  • Provide a quick solution to satisfy need for freshening up or changing interiors
  • Establish a credible path to for better relationship marketing for future business
The journey to bigger ticket sales begins with the single steps of marketing decorative accessories with endearing and methodical panaché.

Reprinted with permission from Inside Furniture, 2007
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