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1.Build Your Email List Today
By Bob Negen, 12/15/2009

Bob Negen
In his new video, exclusively made for OneCoast, Bob explains why the holiday season is the BEST time to develop your email list, and creative ways to do it.
2.Tis the Season for Thanking
By Bob Negen, 11/17/2009
One of the best ways to start a great customer relationship is to follow up immediately after a sale with a personal, handwritten thank you note. But it takes time – what are some new tech twists on thank you’s?
3.4 Tips to Increase Your Holiday Sales
By Bob Negen, 10/20/2009

Bob has a new list of ideas to help you increase sales NOW!

Also, you can sample part of the Retail Mastery System for FREE.

4.The Importance of Inventory Management
By Bob Negen, 10/6/2009

Bob Negen
Running an Open-to-Buy plan for your store is the most important expense management tool any retailer can have in their arsenal.
5.Just Be-Cause!
By Bob Negen, 9/8/2009

Bob Negen
Everyone loves being endorsed - and you can make endorsements even more powerful by working with local non-profit agencies and other worthwhile causes.
6.You Sample, You Sell
By Bob Negen, 7/28/2009

Bob Negen
There's nothing better than giving away free samples to get your customers to try, love, and buy whatever it is you have to sell.
7.How to Build Super-Profitable Multiple-Purchase Programs
By Bob Negen, 7/14/2009

Bob Negen
One simple way to increase the number of times a customer buys from you during the year is to create "multiple-purchase programs". These programs generate more income and even better, predictable recurring income.
8.Top 10 Tips

to Make This Your Best Trade Show Ever

By Bob Negen, 6/30/2009

Bob Negen
Trade shows...Love 'em or hate 'em, they should be an important event in your life as a businessperson. You get to see new products, renew old friendships, learn about industry trends, and develop a network of professional colleagues.
9.How to Write A HOT Headline
By Bob Negen, 6/2/2009

Bob Negen
Are your marketing materials as effective as they could be? One solution is examining the headlines in your marketing materials.
10.Keep In Touch
By Bob Negen, 5/5/2009
Bob Negen
Your most important business asset in any economic climate is your customer. In uncertain times, it’s even more important that you nurture your relationship with each and every one of them.
11.Power Promotions
By Bob Negen, 3/10/2009
Bob Negen
When many small business owners think of promotions, they automatically think of putting goods and services on sale. There are also lots of great promotions that get their impact from fun and added value rather than cash savings.
12.The Keys to Successful Cause Marketing
By Bob Negen, 2/10/2009

Bob Negen
Cause Marketing is when your store partners with a worthy cause. It is a terrific way to generate store traffic & sales, while also doing "good" for charity.
13.Top 10 Things Every Successful Retailer Must Do In 2009
By Bob Negen, 1/13/2009

Bob Negen
Will you be successful in 2009? We're fresh out of crystal balls, but here are 10 tips that will make a big difference!
14.24 Ways to Boost Sales & Save Sanity During the Holidays
By Bob Negen, 12/16/2008

Bob Negen
There's no single Christmas miracle on this list, but the combined power of these tried and true ideas is truly miraculous!
15.Cost-free Way to Generate Traffic in Your Store
By Bob Negen, 11/4/2008

Bob Negen
Do you want to get more customers in your store? How about a cost-free way to get them there? Read Bob's advice on a technique that helps get that traffic!
16.They Haven't Canceled Christmas, Part 2
By Bob Negen, 10/21/2008

Bob Negen
Bob Negen follows up on his bold proclamation that Christmas will not be cancelled. See Part 2 of the video and check out the Special Bonus from Bob to help you navigate the holiday season.
17.They Haven't Canceled Christmas

Our Predictions & How You Can Be Successful

By Bob Negen, 10/7/2008

Bob Negen
This just in... They are not going to cancel Christmas.

We share our predictions plus provide a game plan for how you can be successful.
18.Cause Marketing
By Bob Negen, 9/22/2008

Bob Negen
Cause Marketing - when a store partners with a worthy cause to benefit both the cause and the store - is one of the most powerful marketing tools available to you as an independent store owner.
19.Who Is Your Buddy?
By Bob Negen, 9/9/2008

Bob Negen
Do you have a "business buddy," someone that you have a consistent, day-to-day partnership with? There are many benefits to doing this.
20.Write It Like You Say It
By Bob Negen, 8/26/2008

Bob Negen
No matter what kind of marketing tactics you decide to use, you have to WRITE to get your message across. But what is the best way to write?
1 - 2  of  2
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