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1.Use Your Web Site To Boost In-Store Business
By Sharon Bopp, 11/17/2009
Wondering if you should add cyber aisles to your website to capture a bigger share of online shoppers this Christmas? Whether you sell online or have a simple site, you can leverage it to get more sales for the holidays.
2.Want Product Noticed? Mix It Up!
Giftbeat asked their reporting retailers: Have you increased sales by doing some creative in-store product mixing? Their answers might surprise you.
3.Who’s Seeing Sales Increases? We Share Their Tips
Although business has been challenging this year, a segment of Giftbeat's reporting retailers is seeing some positive trends.
4.Profiting from Retail as “Theater”
By Sharon Bopp, 6/30/2009
If all the world’s a stage, retail has the role of leading lady! Learn how to earn a round of applause for your store’s dramatic efforts.
5.The Right Sign Can Help Boost Store Sales
44% of Giftbeat's reporting retailers say that signage is "very important" to their business. Are your signs working for you and boosting sales?
6.Topping the Gift Beat Charts: Our Vendors Are a Hit
GiftBeat's National Charts are a great source to retailers about what lines are selling well, profitable, and are the best in their categories.
7.“Environment” Impacts the 2009 Palette
By Sharon Bopp, 2/24/2009
When it comes to making color choices for your store merchandise in 2009 and 2010, remember the word "environment."
8.Economic Woes Not Spoken Here
Retailers can’t control the economy or what’s happening on Wall Street, but they do have control over the atmosphere in their own shops. And that’s what they should concentrate on this holiday season.
9.Email Marketing: The Do's and Don'ts of Online Etiquette
When it comes to email marketing, it pays to understand the do's and don'ts of online etiquette.
10.Does Your Store Need a Q4 Facelift?
By Sharon Bopp, 10/21/2008
Retail consultant and visual merchandising specialist Donna Kent provides ideas for budget-friendly store facelifts, including finding props, visual merchandising, and much more.
11.How Retailers Are Boosting Traffic, Sales — And Spirits!
Although some store owners are experiencing lower traffic counts and softer sales, a segment of Giftbeat’s reporting retailers is bucking that trend.
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