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1.Creating Future Sales Today
By Doug Fleener, 12/1/2009
Doug Fleener
Over the next 4 weeks, each customer we engage will offer us an opportunity. Not only to make a sale today, but we can also lay the groundwork for another sale or 2 or 3 before the end of the holiday season.
2.Say This Instead!
By Doug Fleener, 11/3/2009
Doug Fleener
Do you want to differentiate your store, as well as improve the customer experience? Here are 15 sentences that Doug rewrote. Don’t sound like everyone else!
3.Kicking Off Christmas
By Doug Fleener, 9/22/2009
Doug Fleener
With summer over and Christmas just a little more than 100 days from now, many retailers are turning their attention to the holidays and working on putting together their strategies and plans.
4.Emailing for Fun and Profits
By Doug Fleener, 8/25/2009
Doug Fleener
Profitable retailers make sure their bona fide email marketing messages are read by their customers and not deleted with spam. They use a list of best practices to ensure great results.
5.Creating a Special Summer
By Doug Fleener, 7/14/2009
Doug Fleener
The summer benefits American workers would most like to have are not always the ones you think of. Are you doing what your employees would like?
6.Respecting Time
By Doug Fleener, 6/2/2009
Doug Fleener
Many of you have heard of CRM as a critical business tool. Not Customer Relationship Management, but Customer Respect Management, is even more vital to success.
7.The Attitudes of Success
By Doug Fleener, 4/7/2009
Doug Fleener
One of the biggest differences I see between high-performing managers and everybody else comes down to one very important attribute: attitude.
8.Extraordinary Actions for Extraordinary Times
By Doug Fleener, 2/24/2009
Doug Fleener
Last week's Weekly Retail Experience included 7 actions retailers can take on a slow day. Here are these and 8 more new ideas.
9.5 Things to Get Done Now!
By Doug Fleener, 1/27/2009

Doug Fleener
Usually the end of the holidays means a well-deserved break and some slow lazy days for retailers - but not this year.
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