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Growing Sales of Our Retailer Partners.
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1.Are You Ready for Post-Holiday Sales?
The holidays are here, but what about afterward? Do you have product ready for after-Christmas and New Year's sales? Our vendors are offering great deals that get you product with better margins, with quick shipping.
2.Fashion Accessories: A Profitable Category for Retailers
Fashion accessories are a popular and profitable category for many retailers. Why is it a good category for many retailers? What is hot in this category?
3.Promising Economic News
A report released from the U.S. Commerce Department indicates the GDP increased 3.5% in the third quarter. Does this mean the recession is over?
4.Exciting Changes at OneCoast
By Ted Teele, 10/20/2009

Ted Teele
OneCoast is making some changes to better serve our customers. We want to be sure you know what this means to you, our retailer partners.
5.We’re Positive that You Can Make Money During Positivity Week
By Ted Teele, 9/22/2009
We’re positive that YOU can profit from national “Share Your Positivity Week” on October 11-17!
6.October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Even in difficult economic times, your customers will support you if you support causes important to them.

7.Organic Textiles, Growth in a Down Economy
By Lisa Wohlhart, 8/25/2009
The demand for organic and eco-friendly textiles for bath, bedding and clothing is growing despite the current economic conditions.
8.Refresh Your Store

Looking to grow sales in your store? Here are 4 sure-fire ways!

9.Customization in Two Business Days
By Majda Rensberger, 7/28/2009
As the personalization trend continues to grow, more and more vendors are introducing smart, simple and unique personalized programs.
10.We’re positive that you'll positively love these!
By Ted Teele, 6/16/2009
Ted Teele
Have you seen what's new from Alexa's Angels?
11.Beyond the Products! Companies That Make a Difference
By Majda Rensberger, 6/2/2009

Majda Rensberger
Beyond the beautiful products that our vendors create, they are incredibly passionate to make a difference in their communities and the world.
12.Being Strong in Uncertain Times
By Paul Thompson, 4/21/2009
Paul Thompson
We all know that consumer confidence and spending has been inconsistent. What changes should we make to keep business viable in these uncertain times?
13.Two Powerful Words in Retail
By Ted Teele, 4/21/2009
Ted Teele
There are two powerful words that could help grow your sales and profits. Do you know what they are?
14.What can Facebook do for you?
By Ted Teele, 3/24/2009
Ted Teele
Facebook now has over 175 million active users, and the fastest growing user group is women 55 and older. Can Facebook help your business?
15.Promote your email address to generate sales!
By Ted Teele, 3/10/2009
Ted Teele
In this economy, it is important to do everything possible to generate sales, especially if the cost is minimal. Using your email address can be a low cost way to generate sales and separate yourself from your big box competitors.
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OneCoast is the largest and only national wholesale provider of gift, garden, home, fashion, fragrance and collegiate products to retailers throughout the United States. We help leading vendors market and sell their products to tens of thousands of independent retail stores, internet stores, interior designers, and retail chains.

Our retailers enjoy the benefits and convenience of purchasing products for their stores by working with our professional and consultative sales organization, by visiting our award-winning showrooms across the country, by shopping on our website, OneCoast.com, and by contacting our Customer Care telesales team.

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