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1.Getting Personal
By Bessie Nestoras, 9/22/2008
Personalized gifts and accessories have always been popular. But the trend is growing - especially with monograms and initials.
2.Tips for Improving Your Web Site
By Carol L. Schroeder, 9/9/2008

Carol Schroeder
How can you improve your web site to compete with big box retailers?
3.Gotta Have It!
By Bessie Nestoras, 8/12/2008
It's the little things that give shoppers the urge to splurge. That very feeling is what drives impulse sales.
4.Controlling Freight Costs
By Carol L. Schroeder, 6/17/2008
Have you tracked the freight costs on your incoming shipments? You might be shocked to see some run as high as 32 percent of the invoice.
5.Merchandise, Markdowns and Moveouts
By Cinda Baxter, 6/3/2008
Cinda Baxter
Take a look around your store. How much stuff do you see that's overstayed its welcome?

Given the consumer market, there's never been a more critical time for merciless re-examination of the lines you carry and the products you have on your shelves.
6.What's a 'Store Brand,' Anyway?
Every store has a brand in the eyes of their customers.

Do you ever ask yourself how your customers see your store? And what you can do to strengthen it?
7.Home Grown

Is it time we started paying more attention to products made in the States?

By Bessie Nestoras, 4/22/2008

Live A Good Life, White Frame
by Danielson Designs
Following last year's product recalls, consumers are increasingly paying attention to the source of the items they want to purchase. Is it time we started paying more attention to products made in the States?
8.Hello Retailers!
By Maria Weiskott, 4/8/2008
Your store or website might be a winner. Or maybe you have a winning marketing/advertising campaign. And what about one of your reps -- a winner? You just never know!
9.All in the Family

Generate second quarter sales and cultivate the next generation of customers by promoting Mother's and Father's Day

By Caroline Kennedy, 2/26/2008
Boost your second-quarter sales and woo future customers with a focus on Mother's and Father's Day.
10.Managing Cash Resources
By Carol L. Schroeder, 2/12/2008
The credit-card sales in your store are OK, but yikes, look at the fees. Indeed, do take a close look at the fees. That’s the advice from Carole Schroeder, retailing expert.
11.Dinner at the Stirrup Club

Larger-than-life settings offer all kinds of merchandise a place at the table

By Melissa Haberstroh, 1/29/2008
It’s a fact: Tabletop product sells better when it’s displayed in an eye-catching manner. And it’s even better when you can cross-merchandise with other decorative accessories and gifts. Melissa Haberstroh offers directions on how to build a clever tabletop design.
12.The Buying Power of Men
Men – you gotta love them, but more importantly, you gotta pay attention to them as a growing market for your store.
13.Last Minute Hires & Holiday Scheduling
By Carol L. Schroeder, 11/20/2007
The holiday rush, we hope, is just around the corner. Carol Schroeder gives suggestions on how to best hire additional part-time staff as well as schedule your staff.
14.Making the Most of the Holidays
By Carol L. Schroeder, 10/22/2007
Maximizing sales in November and December will be important to your store's success. Carol, a retailing veteran who has managed her store though 30 holiday seasons, offers tips to ensure your store is prepared to take advantage of the holiday sales opportunity.
15.Was your OneCoast Territory Manager honored as 'Outstanding Sales Rep' by Gifts & Dec Magazine?
By Melissa Kvidahl, 8/15/2007

Your Sales Rep?
Not sure? Be sure to read on about this talented and creative OneCoast sales rep who was honored at the annual Gifts & Decorative Accessories Retailer Excellence Awards on Aug 12 in New York City.

Gifts that lift customers' spirits help boost the bottom line

By Meredith Schwartz, 8/1/2007

Butterfly Garden Stone
by New Creative
The gift industry is a business of sentiment, with sales driven by what makes consumers feel good rather than by what they strictly need. After September 11th, inspirational and religious products took center stage along with patriotic merchandise. But while red, white and blue have largely receded to their usual niche, inspirational gifts have continued to prosper.
17.Animal Magnetism

Pets are no longer just animals, they're part of the family, and owners are lavishing them with treats, toys and more

By Bessie Nestoras, 7/24/2007
Around the world, attitudes toward pets vary. However, that attitude is changing, as household pets (particularly dogs and cats) are becoming more like family members.

It's no wonder, then, that pet accessories are booming. These days, buyers can walk any gift industry trade show and find a wide selection of pet and pet-related accessories, as well as gifts for pets and their adoring owners.
18.Selling School Spirit
By Caroline Kennedy, 6/1/2007
Rah, rah, rah! Campus pride is alive and well in the gift and home industry, with fans and alums eager to show school spirit with their school colors.
19.Today's Weddings

Modern, alternative weddings aren't all that different from traditional weddings - with a few exceptions, of course

By Bessie Nestoras, 4/4/2007
Modern, alternative weddings aren't all that different from traditional weddings - with a few exceptions, of course.

These modern weddings are having an effect on the way your customers are buying wedding accessories and gifts.
20.Mixed Messages

Industry experts project style and color trends for 2007... and how to sell them

By Bessie Nestoras, 2/14/2007
Retailers beware: If you're not mixing your Queen Anne with your Asian, you should be. Matching looks are out, says color, material and finish consultant Laura Guido Clark. "Mixing disparate pieces instead of matching everything is popular right now."
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