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1.Facebook is No Longer an Option - It's a Must
By Patricia Norins, 12/1/2009
You've heard about the thousands of retailers who are successfully using Facebook to create an online community for their store. Are you on board?
2.Ultimate Makeover 2009
OneCoast's VP, Creative, Paul Thompson, works his magic again. See the "ultimate makeover" done for Le Papillion, a gift store in Rumson, NJ.
3.Monogram Mania
By Poornima Apte, 7/28/2009
You see them on almost everything these days: blankets, beach bags, stationery, belt buckles, even dog tags. Find out what factors lead to the enormous surge in the popularity of monogrammed products.
4.Display Basics 101
By Donna Kent, 4/7/2009
You have a set of merchandise that you want to showcase beautifully. How do you go about creating an eye-catching display in a few easy steps?
5.Targeting Trendy Tweens
By Emily Lambert, 3/10/2009
Marketing to tweens is a study in contradictions. Tweens want to be treated as older, but they still giggle and jump up and down on the bed. But there are big rewards when you get it right.
6.Party In Store
By Sharon Naylor, 2/10/2009
Throwing a party for your customers in your store is a great way to generate traffic and build your brand.
7.Successful In-Store Holiday Events
How do you host a successful in-store event during the holidays? What are some event ideas that can draw traffic? Here are some ideas to make holiday events profitable and fun.
8.Striking Gold: Gathering and Using Customer Data
By Jay Siff, 8/12/2008
You have many customers walking through your doors every day. Are you exploiting the gold mine hidden in their names and email addresses?
9.Gift Cards: Will They Work in Your Shop?
By Lyssa Myska Allen, 7/29/2008
Gift cards have become a major player in the retail world. How can small, independent retailers get into the gift card game?
10.A Three Step Game Plan to Avoid Big Buying Mistakes This Summer
By Patricia Norins, 7/1/2008
The show season is quickly approaching, and based on your busy schedule you probably haven't had the time to sit down and create a summer buying strategy. Here's a three-step game plan to help you avoid big buying mistakes this summer.
11.Rethink Your Store's Back Room
By Lynn Switanowski, 6/17/2008
Beauty is not just reserved for the front of your store. Having a well-organized back room is the biggest key to helping you effectively order, process, store and distribute merchandise to the selling floor in a quick and efficient manner.
12.Tired of the way your store looks?
Then sign up for the Ultimate Makeover Contest.
13.I'll Take That, Too: Increasing Impulse Buys
By Annette Elton, 5/6/2008

A study shows that one-third of all consumers make a sizable impulse purchase every week. You’ll want to be sure your store is getting its share.
14.Do You Contact Your Customers Once a Month?
By Patricia Norins, 4/22/2008
If you don't send at least a monthly email blast to your customer list, you're missing a valuable opportunity to reach out and draw them into the store. Building and maintaining a strong customer email list is important to the success of your business and the growth of your bottom line.
15.Party In Store
By Sharon Naylor, 4/22/2008
Throwing a party for your customers in your store is a great way to generate traffic and build your brand.
16.Increase Impulse Buying Near the Register
By Patricia Norins, 3/25/2008
Are you under-utilizing your counter space?
17.Deck the Halls with... Stylish Holiday Decor
By Kasia Dawidowska, 11/20/2007
Exclusive jeweler Birks & Mayors puts the zing in his windows with stylized, custom decorations. See his ideas and adapt to your store for a special holiday impact.
18.Shop Makeover: Need a fresh face for your store?

Donna Kent, Donna Trottier
It may be as easy as $500 and some imagination. See the results of Blue Hydrangea’s makeover, sponsored by Gift Shop Magazine and OneCoast.
19.Sign Language
By Poornima Apte, 8/15/2007
What makes a great sign for your store? Let’s take a look at some top practices in signage.
20.Online Buying: Basic Training
By Joyce Kesler, 7/5/2007
More and more buyers are doing it... buying their merchandise online.

Want to know about all of the fuss? Read the pro's and con's. Want to get started? Read the basics of what you need to do to take advantage of online buying.
1 - 2  of  2
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