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Growing Sales of Our Retailer Partners.
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1.Halloween Happenings
By John Saxtan, 8/11/2009
Halloween is the second-most decorated holiday, right behind Christmas. Four retailers tell how they make the event special.
2.Head Over Heels
By Ashley Trent, 12/2/2008
Make your customers go gaga for Valentine's Day gifts. Why not look beyond the heart-shaped candy box and offer your customers something other than sweets?
3.Going, Going - Gone GREEN!

The trend gains speed within gift industry

By Ashley Richardson, 7/15/2008
Danielson Designs
The momentum behind the green trend shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. So the question, “Do you carry any green products” has successfully morphed into “What green products do you carry”?
4.When the Bride is Happy, Everyone is Happy

Giving brides what they really want

By Ashley G. Williams, 3/11/2008

Keepsake Chest
Here comes the bride, getting ready for her big day and offering savvy retailers an opportunity to ring up strong sales. Just make it easy for her to do all her shopping at your store and wish the couple well.
5.Heart to Heart

Valentine’s 2008 Products: sweet, soft, and full of heart

By Jolene Turner, 12/13/2007
The numbers are growing for Valentine’s Day sales in gift stores. Check out what gift companies are offering in 2008.
6.Wrap It Up: Designs in Giftwrap Are Decadently Divine
By Jolene Turner, 10/22/2007
Getting a gift in a pretty gift bag or wrapped in decadently designed paper makes the present twice as nice.
7.Ahhh Summer
By Jolene Turner, 5/29/2007
While the weather has been an on-again/off-again affair in many parts of the country, certainly your clients are likely already planning their summer spaces. Some may be yearning for a cozy patio, ideal for enjoying a book; others may want a more decadent space for entertaining revelry around the pool.
8.Buying for Marvelous Margins
By Mary Liz Curtin, 9/21/2006
Mary Liz presented this topic to retailers this summer as part of OneCoast's Summer Seminar Series. This article, reprinted with permission by Giftware News, touches on many of the points she made in her highly-regarded sessions.

What is the difference between professional buying and just ordering a lot of stuff? Planning, organization and good information make the distinction. A successful store needs the right amounts of the correct inventory at the right time of year to stay in business and remain profitable.

Naturally, a successful merchant starts with an open-to-buy budget, choosing the merchandise needed based on rates of sale, historical information, and projections. If you just walk the aisles and order anything you like, your stock will never be properly balanced.
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