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09/27/2021 • PR


Catherine LeBlanc


September 27, 2021 – For 15 years, OneCoast and Mud Pie have partnered together in a national sales and marketing relationship in the wholesale gift industry. Today, the two companies are celebrating this accomplishment by an early extension of their partnership agreement to extend well past what would be their 20th anniversary


“Our partnership with Mud Pie has been an extraordinary one,” says John Keiser, CEO of OneCoast. “We have grown together over the last 15 years and developed a tremendous respect for each other. We look forward to continuing to be Mud Pie’s sales and marketing team to our customers in the years to come.”


“Through the years, we have fostered a relationship that leverages our respective organizational strengths, and the results have been truly remarkable,” says Fred Pannek, President of Mud Pie. “The OneCoast Mud Pie Sales Division represents the very best sales talent in the industry.  Pairing that talent with OneCoast’s dedication to independent retailers and Mud Pie’s outstanding products has been a winning strategy that we look forward to continuing.”


While there is a tremendous focus in the world on the business-to-consumer model, both OneCoast and Mud Pie’s primary focus is on increasing the service levels to their independent retailers. OneCoast recently re-launched its improved website,, with the sole purpose of providing a better shopping experience for the independent retailer. Additionally, OneCoast is increasing the number of Territory Managers and Regional Sales Managers in its Mud Pie Sales Division as well as increasing Inside Sales Partners in support of the independent business, all with the focus of increased in-store service.


Mud Pie eyes the future with a keen focus on exceptional products and streamlined logistics.  A team of 25+ in-house designers work year-round to create products specifically for the independent retail channel.  Mud Pie continues to invest in supply chain management, technology and talent to provide customers with the right products, at the right time and at the right price.


“The last 15 years have been an amazing journey for both OneCoast and Mud Pie,” summarizes Keiser. “And I see even better things in the years ahead.”