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Greenleaf Everyday Promotion

Expires: Dec 31, 2022

Freight allowance programs: Freight allowance for single shipments/single invoices to a single location is given as follows:

$700 - $999 – 5% of merchandise amount.

$1000 - $1499 – 7% of merchandise amount.

Over $1500 qualifies for 100% freight incentive.

  • Except direct to Alaska or Hawaii, over $1500, 10% of merchandise amount
  • Freigth incentives apply to prepaid freight orders paid within incvoice terms
  • Incentive amount cannot exceed actual freight charges 
  • Freight incentives apply to displays
  • Frieght incentives cannot ve applies to frieght collect shipments
  • Greenleaf has final approval on any discounts and promotions

 ***Must apply at the end of order**

$1250 orders are eligible fro FREE Boutique display

$675 orders are eligible for a FREE Spinner display



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Greenleaf Everyday Promotion