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Your Dose of Morning Motivation

“9 out of 10 people will fail with their New Year’s Resolutions.

50% of resolution makers will fail by the end of January.

But….One Word sticks!”

-Jon Gordon


It is that time of year again. For those of you who have been reading My 2 Cents for a while, you may remember that in previous years I have advocated the practice of “One Word”.


What is “One Word”, you ask?? In simple terms, it is

  • an alternative to a New Year’s resolution ( which by the quote above shows that those don’t work).
  • a way to focus on what we want to improve upon or accomplish in the upcoming year.


If you have done this with me in the past, then you know the process and the benefit. And you know that it works! Here is all you have to do:.


Instead of a New Year’s resolution that the odds say you probably won’t keep, try picking a word – and it has to be just one word….not two words, no phrases, no hyphenated words- that best summarizes what you want to improve on, in 2023.

Some examples are….. “resolve”, “elevate”, “understand” forgive”, “learn”, “grow”, “change”, “gratitude”, “focus”, “balance”, “exercise”.

The idea is that the choices you make, or the way you live this year is guided by the word you have chosen. It is simple, and it is also powerful. It’s a word that can relate to a number of different areas in your life. For example if you were to choose “focus” it could apply to the way you approach tasks at your job, listening to your spouse/partner/children, being present with what is going on around you and being where your feet are.


After 5+ years of doing this,  I have found that there is a layering effect to this process. While I choose a new word every year, what I focused on the past year does not go away. And, I can say that I have improved in the areas of “balance”, “directness”, “minutes”, “serve”, and “grow”. The key word is “improve” as I am far from finished in any of these areas, and I am still striving to get better.


As I noted, it is simple. But it really is not easy to do.  You should take your time. Think. Reflect.

  • What do you want to improve on, in 2023????
  • What area of your life or career, that if you improved upon, would have a big impact on you in 2023???
  • What do you want to accomplish in 2023???? 

For some, the word just comes to you. For others, you have to really think about what one area you want to focus on/improve in the year ahead. But, if you devote time to it, your one word will come to you. It just will.


Today or tomorrow, or in the weeks ahead, figure out your “One Word”. When you have it, share it with those in your life. I have found that sharing it with others helps you achieve it. And, if you need a reminder to help keep you focused on it, post it around you……on your iPad, your Surface Pro, mirror or refrigerator, in your car. Most importantly, let it guide you.


I have started to narrow down my list of words as I’ve got a lot of improving to do!!!

But, I will have it before January 1, and I will layer it on to those “One Words” of past years.  


Good luck developing your “One Word”. You will be glad you did!



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