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First Look at 5 of the Biggest Showroom Redesigns at Dallas Market Center

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First Look at 5 of the Biggest Showroom Redesigns at Dallas Market Center

From OneCoast's massive footprint and vibrant spring theme to Consuela's tile-laden walls, these showrooms wowed buyers at the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market.

Dallas Market Center kicked 2024 off with a bang thanks to new and expanded showrooms, including OneCoast’s massive expansion and relocation to the first floor; Consuela’s gorgeous remodel and expansion by the Ivystone space on Floor 2, an entirely new showroom by P. Graham Dunn, which is now taking a direct-sales approach; Anne McGilvray moving into an impressive space in the World Trade Center; and a fancy new space by Primitives by Kathy, which is now partnering with OneCoast.

Each showroom added to the energetic feel of the market and gave buyers a breath of fresh air for the first market of the year. But, together, the redesigned showrooms added to the excitement and general buzz of the market as a whole.


New Lobby, New OneCoast

OneCoast Showroom

OneCoast’s move to the World Trade Center atrium not only gave the market an exciting facelift, but the new showroom is the company’s largest U.S. presence for its Midwest and West retail customers. As soon as buyers walk through the main entrance and venture toward Starbucks and the escalators, they’re greeted with an enormous presence by OneCoast.

The showroom almost extends all the way across the atrium and includes beautifully designed vignettes featuring Mud Pie, Jane Marie, Bridgewater Candles and the company’s newest partner, Primitives by Kathy. The entire space is airy and easy to navigate and includes multiple spring-themed photo ops. John Keiser of OneCoast commented that one of the reasons the company moved to the first floor was to get more walk-by traffic and attract new customers and the move seems to have paid off. According to Keiser, the company had already received 175 new customers in just the first two days of market.

To add to the playful and celebratory vibe, each sales rep dressed in a spring-themed outfit with either an elaborate fastener or boutonniere. The extra touch not only helped buyers find assistance, but the team’s attire also added to the overall themed décor.


Consuela Invests in Buyer Experience

Known for its vibrant handbags and totes and clever visual merchandising, Consuela moved into a new 4,000-square-foot space just across the hall from its former home in Ivystone, the company’s longtime sales agency partner.

The new showroom, according to a Consuela team member, was built to focus on enhancing the buyer experience. The larger space allows for easier navigation and more featured products, but the highlight of the redesign was the 50,000 pounds of handmade tile that was shipped from Mexico for the interior and exterior walls. Inside the showroom, accent walls feature four-inch thick Mexican bricks. Outside of the showroom, buyers walking through the market halls gazed at the purple artisan tiles and custom metal doors at the main entrance.


P. Graham Dunn Branches Out

As part of its new direct-sales approach, P. Graham Dunn, which specializes in American-made wall art, home décor and wooden giftables, is opening brand new showrooms in three markets, including at Dallas Market Center. The new space featured several new lines, including a few different wall art collections, die-cut outdoor decorations, holiday décor and candles — a first for the company. The candles have a pleasantly strong fragrance, which is why the company has coined them as their 2x fragrance line. The vessels, which resemble paint cans, are designed to focus primarily on the art, in contrast to the company’s wall art and décor that primarily focuses on the message.


Anne McGilvray Moves on In

Anne McGilvray & Co’s 30,000-square-foot showroom on the second-floor atrium of the World Trade Center, is the largest showroom in the country for the sales-rep agency and is “part of the company’s strategic business plan to provide enhanced visibility and opportunities for growth,” according to a release from May 2023, when the announcement was made. Balloons adorn the main entrances to the showroom to add to the fun and celebratory energy, and a candy bar — as in a counter with more than a dozen jars of candy — helps to set the scene, too. The space also includes Kimberly Wahlberg Company.

Primitives by Kathy Sports New Digs

Not only did Primitives by Kathy have a new space in the new OneCoast showroom thanks to its new partnership, but the home décor wholesaler also sported a brand new showroom in Dallas Market Center’s Trade Mart. The expanded showroom encompasses 5,000 square feet and featured enticing vignettes like that of Trash Talk by Annie, a sassy new sister brand of Primitives by Kathy, as well as humorous tea towels alongside its classic home décor.

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