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Millions of glass candle containers end up in our landfills every year. Meet NOTES® – The new way to candle™. NOTES®, a more stainable candle brand built around a simple and easy to use Candle Refill System™. How it works: a consumer purchases a NOTES® Starter Glass and a Candle Refill Kit. At home, the consumer places the wick in the candle, adds the all-natural wax beads, and burns the candle just like any other candle. AND THEN here’s the best part - it’s time to purchase another Candle Refill Kit (bringing them back in your store) and repeat the process over and over again, all with the same glass.

  • All NOTES® fragrances are formulated to be non-toxic for people and the planet with a blend of essential oils and high-quality synthetic ingredients
  • Made from 100% natural materials and is a blend of three natural waxes: soy, rice bran, and beeswax