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Shop Local for Your Store: The "Reps Are Local Too" Movement

"Reps Are Local Too"
Support Your Local Reps

Just like you encourage your customers to "Shop Local" and support your Main Street business, there's a new movement reminding retailers to source their products through local sales representatives. It's called "Reps Are Local Too," and it's all about building strong, mutually beneficial relationships within your community.

Why Buy From Local Reps?

Think of local sales reps as your partners in retail success. Here's what "Reps Are Local Too" emphasizes:

  • Local Expertise:¬†These reps live and breathe your community. They understand your customers' preferences and can recommend products that will fly off your shelves.

  • Beyond Transactions:¬†Building a relationship with your rep goes beyond just placing orders. They'll help with inventory management, restocking, and even special events.

  • Exclusive Perks:¬†Reps often have access to bestsellers, special promotions, and incentives you won't find elsewhere.

  • 24/7 Convenience:¬†Many reps offer online ordering, allowing you to manage your inventory around the clock.

What Can You Do?

There are simple ways you, as a retailer, can participate in "Reps Are Local Too":

  • Ask About Local Representation:¬†Before you order directly from a brand, check if there's a local rep for that line. They'll be happy to show you samples and tailor deals for your store.

  • Give Reps a Chance:¬†When a rep contacts you, take a look at their offerings. Let them know your preferred communication style ‚Äď a good rep will respect your time.

  • Spread the Word:¬†When a rep provides exceptional service, let the brand they represent know! It validates their work and strengthens the local rep network.

  • Connect at Market Trade Shows:¬†Schedule appointments with your reps during market season. You'll get personalized attention and access to special show perks.


By supporting "Reps Are Local Too," you're not just building a stronger business, you're contributing to the overall health of your community. Remember, when local businesses thrive, so do our Main Streets!