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2024 Summer Market Trends

2024 OneCoast Summer Market Trends

It’s Summer Market season, and the OneCoast brands are releasing their trends for the latest collections of fashion, home, and gifts, exclusively designed with you, the retailer, in mind! We have highlighted the top trends below to help you with your inventory buying. These trends simplify the vast array of new products and offer inspiration for organizing your store effectively.   

Key Trends by Category - MudPie



  • Playful and Inspirational Themes: Designs spark creativity, encourage memory-making, and foster traditions. 
  • Gift-worthy Items: Products are suited for everyday play and special occasions. 
  • Interactive Features: Glow-in-the-dark elements, light-up features, sound chips, and DIY components. 
  • Matching Mom and Me Outfits: Coordinated sleepwear sets for adults and children. 
  • Focus on Comfort and Style: Trendy and cozy apparel with waffle fabrics and gingham linings. 


  • Elevated Fall/Holiday Styles: Special pieces for parties, gatherings, and everyday wear. 
  • Versatility: Classic pieces that can be dressed up or down for various occasions. 
  • Wide Range of Accessories: Unique and functional accessories designed for gifting. 
  • Fabrics: Faux leather, new fabric treatments (swishy nylon), wrinkle-free fabrics, ribbed knits, and jacquards. 
  • Prints and Design Elements: Ruffles, smocking, raglan sleeves, statement necklines, checkerboard prints, custom plaids, and one-size sweaters. 
  • Color Palette: Soft and bright pastels, jewel tones, and neutrals for mix-and-match options. 


  • Holiday Cheer: Collections feature original artwork, unique pieces, and entertaining essentials. 
  • Seasonal Themes: Halloween, Thanksgiving/Autumn, Christmas (various sub-collections), and Hanukkah. 
  • Gifting Potential: Home decor and entertaining pieces designed for gifting. 
  • Materials and Accents: Fused glass, acrylic, crochet, LED lights, ruffled edges, felted wool, velvet, terracotta, ceramics, and gold accents. 
  • Halloween Trends: Light-up decor, sound chips, motion-activated features, glow-in-the-dark elements, and figural icons. 
  • Thanksgiving/Autumn Trends: Crochet, corduroy, heirloom pumpkins, soft muted tones, and figural icons. 
  • Christmas Sub-collections: 
  • Good Tidings: Toile, cardinals, tartan, holly, and deer. 
  • Gingerbread Lane: Whimsical gingerbread men, houses, and candy cane icons. 
  • Winter Wonderland: Nutcracker, Santa, reindeer, and characters from the Twelve Days of Christmas. 
  • Farmhouse Christmas: Classic farm animals, rustic ceramics, and an expanded nativity offering. 
  • Circa: Playful twists on Mud Pie classics, light-up features, and Christmas morning items. 
  • White Christmas: Classic white look with velvet green ribbon accents. 
  • Classic Christmas: Vintage Santa and tartan themes. 
  • Silver Bells: Gold accents, marble pieces, and fluted glassware. 
  • Holiday Bar: Barware, games, and entertaining accessories. 

Key Trends from Caren


Gender-neutral fragrances

Dazzle will ignite and explode the senses!  Caren’s Dazzle fragrance is genderless, rich, sophisticated, and oh-so-good.  It is alluring and addictive, with warm nostalgic notes evoking emotions of comfort and soft indulgence.  Rich chocolate, exotic vanilla, and earthy sandalwood and patchouli notes mingle with grounded notes of sophisticated fruits that will broaden your scent, scope, and style. Dare to Dazzle!  

Better Body by Caren

Experience the ultimate self-care routine with dry brushing, a beauty ritual pioneered by the Ancient Egyptians. This authentic practice involves repetitive, stimulating brush strokes all over the body, offering a multitude of benefits. From exfoliating the skin to revealing a radiant, glowing complexion, dry brushing is the secret to healthy skin. But it's not just about the physical benefits-  it's a self-loving practice for your mind and soul, making you feel better.   

Natural and sustainable products

They emphasize using natural ingredients, eco-friendly refillable options, and being made in the USA. 

Positive messaging and gifting

 Their sponges and gift sets feature messages of love, friendship, inspiration, and self-love. The festive holiday assortment adds to the gifting appeal. 

Convenience and variety

Caren offers pre-made gift sets with various themes like "Pretty" or "Treat Your Feet" and incorporates trendy elements like soap in a sponge. 

Key Trends from Jane Marie


Summer Staples with a Twist

Jane Marie offers a curated selection of summer essentials that combine style and comfort. These include graphic tees with positive messages, sleepwear in fun prints for the whole family, and versatile bags for all occasions. 

Golden Jewelry Trend

Their 18k gold-plated "Golden" collection offers various styles, from playful to sophisticated, catering to multiple preferences. 

Matching Mommy and Me Apparel

They cater to families with coordinated sleepwear sets in playful themes for adults and children. 

Travel Bags for Different Personalities

Jane Marie offers a variety of travel bags with functional features, targeting different styles, from trendy BoHo to sleek and sophisticated Puffer. 

Christmas in July

They cater to early holiday shoppers with festive apparel and accessories like vintage-style Christmas tees, matching family Christmas baking gear, and luxurious faux fur winter wear. 

Focus on Comfort and Functionality

Across all categories, Jane Marie emphasizes how their products prioritize both style and practicality for everyday wear and travel. 

Seasonless Investment Pieces

While offering trendy summer items and Christmas selections, Jane Marie has timeless, well-crafted pieces that transcend seasonal trends. 

Key Trends from Primitives By Kathy


Emphasis on Lifestyle Integration 

  • They position themselves as a brand that helps customers express their preferred lifestyle choices through home decor. 

Balance of New and Proven Trends

  • Primitives By Kathy offers a mix of fresh collections based on rising trends alongside their proven best-sellers, ensuring something for everyone. 

Specific Trend Collections

  • Moody Botanical: Dreamy and mysterious florals with hand-painted designs and antique-style accents. 
  • Dark Academia is an intriguing and intellectual theme inspired by literature. It features dense colors, unique patterns, and captivating nature imagery. 
  • Old World Fall: This theme is nostalgic and rustic, with vintage art and picturesque patterns, perfect for seasonal decorating. 
  • Garden Bugs: Whimsical and playful collection featuring hand-illustrated bees, dragonflies, and ladybugs designs. 

Focus on Gifting

  • The collections cater to personal home decor preferences and gift-giving needs for various occasions. 

Key Trends from Woodstock Chimes


Variety in Design

Woodstock Chimes offers a range of styles to suit different tastes, from classic (Noel Chimes) to modern (Art Deco Chimes). 

Material Mixes

They incorporate various materials, such as teak, glass, acrylic, ash, galvanized steel, wire, stone, and Austrian crystals, for a unique look. 

Nature-inspired Themes

The Birdfeeder Chime and Serenity Tree Chimes showcase natural elements like birds and trees. 

Patriotic Theme

The Chrystal Dream American Flag Rainbow Maker caters to those who want to display their patriotism with sparkle. 

Expanded Best-Selling Chimes

Existing favorites are offered in new sizes and wood finishes, ensuring a wider selection for returning customers. 

Empathy Gifts

The new pet sympathy chimes provide a thoughtful way to acknowledge the loss of a furry friend. 

Focus on Outdoor Living

The entire collection enhances outdoor spaces and creates a relaxing atmosphere. 

Gift-worthy Products

The variety of styles, materials, and themes makes these chimes ideal presents for different occasions.