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4 Fun Fall Festivities to Boost Sales

Mud Pie Open-House

Don't miss out on the fall retail rush! Studies show that in-store events can help increase sales and customer engagement. Here at OneCoast, we know independent retailers can leverage the excitement of fall to attract new customers and boost sales. We've put together this guide to help you plan a successful Fall Open House Extravaganza – a festive in-store event designed to showcase your fall merchandise and create a memorable customer experience.

Spooktacular Halloween Bash:

Theme: Embrace the spooky season with a Halloween bash! Decorate with cobwebs, pumpkins, and friendly skeletons (Bonus tip: our friends at Mud Pie have the perfect collection for your event; check it out here). Encourage guests to come in costume for a costume contest.

Drinks: Warm up the crowd with a bubbling cauldron of spiced apple cider or a chilling "witch's brew" (purple punch with glowing ice cubes).

Music & Entertainment: Set the mood with a Halloween playlist featuring spooky classics and monster mash-ups, like this playlist here. Hire a face painter to add spooky flair to guests' faces, or host a DIY pumpkin decorating station using mini pumpkins.

Fall Fashion Fiesta:

This dazzling event lets you showcase OneCoast's latest fall fashions while treating your guests to a night of style and fun.

Theme: Embrace the season's vibrant colors and textures with a "Night to Shine" theme. Decorate your store with twinkling lights and sparkles; let the clothes and fashion accessories shine! 

Drinks: To keep the energy high, serve a selection of fall-inspired cocktails. Spiced cranberry martinis, warm apple cider sangria, and pumpkin spice lattes are all perfect choices!

Music & Entertainment: Get your audience in the mood for a fun "ladies night out" at your fashion show with our Spotify playlist here.

Bonus Tip: Partner with a local hairstylist and makeup artist to offer touch-ups for guests before the show. This adds a professional touch and lets your models showcase the complete fall look!

A Toast to Thanksgiving:

Theme: Celebrate the spirit of gratitude with a warm and inviting Thanksgiving-themed open house. Decorate with fall foliage, cornucopia centerpieces, and cozy throws. Offer samples of delicious fall treats, like gourmet popcorn or artisan chocolates.

Drinks: Set up a hot cocoa bar with toppings like marshmallows, whipped cream, and cinnamon sticks. For a touch of elegance, offer festive apple cider mimosas.

Music & Entertainment: Create a calming atmosphere with a playlist featuring acoustic guitar renditions of classic folk songs. Host a "Thankful for..." wall where guests can write down what they're grateful for.

Holiday Cheer Extravaganza:

Theme: Usher in the holiday season with a dazzling Christmas-themed open house! Deck the halls with twinkling lights, festive wreaths, and miniature Christmas trees. Encourage guests to write their holiday wishes on ornaments to hang on a community tree.

Drinks: Offer a selection of hot toddies with festive garnishes or a delicious peppermint hot chocolate bar. Spiced eggnog is another classic choice!

Music & Entertainment: Hire a local carolers group to spread holiday cheer, or use this Spotify playlist. Host a "Deck the Halls" ornament decorating competition using blank ornaments. Award prizes for the most creative and festive designs! 

Remember to promote your event on social media and through email marketing to get your customers excited! With these ideas and OneCoast's vast selection of fall merchandise, your Open House will surely be a delightful success! Check out our Event Checklist. to help with your planning and hosting!