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Score Big with Customers: Hosting a Game Day Event at Your Retail Store

Hosting a local football game viewing event presents a unique opportunity to significantly boost Game Day fashion sales. By creating a festive atmosphere with themed-activities exclusive discounts, you can directly connect with passionate fans and showcase the latest Game Day apparel from Jane Marie. An immersive experience fosters a sense of community and excitement, encouraging impulse purchases and driving sales related to game day apparel and accessories. The positive brand association with a beloved local team further strengthens customer loyalty and brand recognition, leading to long-term benefits beyond the event itself. Here's your playbook for a winning retail store game day event:

Pick the Perfect Game:

  • Align with Local Teams: Is there a major hometown team playing? Capitalize on local pride! Stock up on shirts, bracelets, earrings, and bags from Jane Marie in local team colors from their Game Day collection.

  • National Appeal: Big national games like the playoffs or championship games are a safe bet. Align with big events in the industry.

Plan Engaging Activities:

  • Photo Booth Fun:¬†Set up a themed photo booth with props and backdrops for customers to capture their game day spirit (and share on social media!).

  • Bracelet Bar:¬†Set up a table with¬†bracelets in local team colors¬†to create bracelet stacks¬†they can wear with pride.


Create a Winning Atmosphere:

  • Decorations:¬†Deck out your store with team colors, banners, and balloons.

  • Music and Entertainment:¬†Have a dedicated playlist with upbeat game day anthems (like¬†'Final Countdown' by Europe) or even hire a local DJ or reach out to your local sport team's cheerleaders to invite them.

  • Food and Drinks:¬†Offer themed snacks and refreshments (think hot dogs, nachos, popcorn) or partner with a local restaurant for catering.


Promote Your Event:

  • Social Media Blitz:¬†Create hype with eye-catching posts on your social media channels using lifestyle photography by Jane Marie.

  • Email Marketing:¬†Blast an email invitation to your customer list, enticing them with an e-mail exclusive promo.

  • Local Partnerships:¬†Collaborate with local sports bars or restaurants for cross-promotion.


Incentivize Purchases:

  • Game Day Discounts:¬†Offer special deals on apparel¬†or game day accessories.

  • Raffles and Giveaways:¬†Create excitement with raffles for tickets to¬†a local game, signed memorabilia, or store gift cards.

  • Bonus Points:¬†For loyalty program members, award bonus points for game day purchases.


By following these tips and tailoring them to your specific store and target market, you can turn your game day event into a touchdown for your business. Remember, it's about creating a fun and memorable experience that strengthens customer connections and puts your store at the forefront of their minds for all their sporting goods needs. So, get ready to huddle up with your team, brainstorm some creative ideas, and host a game day event that's a sure winner!

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