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Crystal Media

Helping retailers grow through social media.
Digital marketing that drives more traffic, sales and profits for your store.


What We Offer

Crystal Media is the leading social media ads management and digital marketing company for the retail industry. We combine strategy, creativity, data and marketing to help our clients sell more and drive more traffic to their websites and physical locations. Our unmatched retail and social media expertise allows us to consistently produce what our clients care about most—results.

The Rooted in Retail Podcast

This show is made for Main Street retailers like gift shops, jewelers, pet stores, boutiques, florists, home decor and furnitures stores, hardware stores, toy stores, craft, quilting and sewing shops; tea and coffee shops, specialty retailers and more.

Join your host Crystal Vilkaitis weekly, as she explores topics that are vital to the success of your store. From marketing to mindset, money to merchandising, sales to leadership, she’ll cover it all. Each episode features interviews with industry experts and accomplished retailers who share their real-life insights and actionable advice.

Get ready for a great conversation on how to build your dream business with Rooted in Retail. This show is produced by Crystal Media, a company that helps indie retailers shine online through social media.


EVOLVE is a transformative conference aimed at helping independent retailers overcome challenges and stay ahead in the dynamic market. The conference focuses on evolving the mindset of participants, offering actionable insights for repeatable success, and sharing insider secrets and strategies that are currently effective.

Key highlights of EVOLVE include:

  • Mastering the Future of Marketing: Attendees gain access to proven strategies that help grow their businesses, save time, and eliminate uncertainties about marketing effectiveness.
  • Tailored for Independent Retailers: The agenda is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by independent retailers, ensuring the content is relevant and beneficial.
  • Featured Speakers: Notable speakers cover various topics, including social media, small business growth, generational shopping, retail space reinvention, and more.

EVOLVE aims to be a catalyst for retail success by providing an immersive experience that equips retailers with the knowledge, strategies, and connections needed to navigate and thrive in the ever-evolving retail landscape.


SCALE Premium is a comprehensive program designed to empower independent retailers facing challenges in the competitive market. It addresses the struggles of feeling overshadowed by big brands, limited marketing reach, digital transition complexities, and the exhaustion of managing multiple roles.

The program offers a transformative solution with the following key elements:

S - Specialist Support: Access a team of industry-leading experts to support various facets of your business, eliminating the need for multiple in-house professionals.

C - Competitive Edge: Gain a competitive advantage against larger chains and e-commerce platforms, allowing your unique brand to shine.

A - Authority Amplification: Establish and enhance your brand's authority in the digital space, fostering trust and boosting customer engagement.

L - Leveraged Marketing: Expand your reach cost-effectively with high-ROI strategies curated by ad managers and social media consultants.

E - Evolve & Engage: Adapt to the changing retail landscape, ensuring ongoing relevance and dynamic engagement with customers.

SCALE Premium includes dedicated Facebook and Instagram ads management, local listings management, revolutionary software for automated listing optimization, on-demand training, monthly webinars, and access to an exclusive in-person business conference, EVOLVE.

The program operates as a partnership for an entire year, offering continuous support, expert guidance, and the opportunity for unprecedented growth. It aims to transform businesses, providing a new era of empowered decision-making and streamlined operations. The program invites retailers to elevate their businesses and achieve the success they envision with the bright future promised by SCALE Premium.

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