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This hand-picked selection of bamboo and colorful capiz chimes from our Asli Arts® Collection will bring a bit of the islands to your store.

Sixty-four chimes from our Asli Arts Collection come with a free Chime Tree Display, signage and an assortment of hooks and hangers.

Specifically, this package includes:

4 C101 Half Coconut Bamboo Chime - Large
4 C110 Gamelan Bamboo Chime - Medium
2 C127 Mini Capiz Chime - Lime Green
2 C129 Mini Capiz Chime - Raspberry
2 C135 Mini Capiz Chime - Coral
2 C138 Mini Capiz Chime - Light Blue
2 C139 Mini Capiz Chime - Aqua
3 C160 Aqua Capiz Chime
2 C201 Whole Coconut Bamboo Chime - Medium
3 C253 Cocoa Ring Bamboo Chime - Large
4 C707 Thatched Roof Birdhouse Bamboo Chime
3 C716 Purple Capiz Chime
2 CCDH Capiz Cascade - Havana
2 CCDME Capiz Cascade - Mother Earth
2 CCDNS Capiz Cascade - Night Sky
2 CCDSB Capiz Cascade - Sea Breeze
2 CGB436 Gilbert Gooney Bamboo Chime
2 CGT452 Gertyl Turtle Gooney Bamboo Chime
3 CHARP Harp Bamboo Chime
2 CMID Midnight Capiz Chime
2 CMO305 Monkey Bamboo Chime
2 CPIG Coco Pig Bamboo Chime
2 CWH Capiz Waterfall - Havana
2 CWRB Capiz Waterfall - Blanca
And get for free:Chime Tree Display,
which includes
Attached Hooks
Woodstock Chimes Display Header

Also get for free:
1 HB6 6" Bronze Hanger - pkg of 6
1 BAMB3POG Asli Arts Package Display Image
1 WHYS Why Woodstock Slim Sign
1 CAT Woodstock Chimes Catalog
1 COINS Coastal Brochure
1 IMINS Inspiration & Memorial Brochure
1 RGINS Retailer's Guide to Success
1 CLA Authorized Dealer Window Sign
1 WCTV Why Woodstock Training DVD
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