Crystal Wonders™ - Peacock

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Featuring a stained glass effect with gold metal outlines filled with a translucent resin that allows light to shine through, our Crystal Wonders look the same from both sides. When hung in a window with the light streaming in, these colorful ornaments are breathtaking.

Peacocks symbolize different things in various cultures. One theme common to all is that the "eyes" in the bird's tailfeathers represent watchfulness, protection, vision and pride or self-worth. It's also said that peacocks can predict rain, as they dance when they sense a storm coming. Our Crystal Wonders - Peacock can predict the weather, as well - when the sun is shining through its "stained glass" panels, it's sure to be a beautiful day!

Dimensions: L 5'' [L 8'' w/ chain] ▪ W 3''

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