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A set of spirals for displaying all your Woodstock Rainbow Makers. Holds 15 Rainbow Makers. This display is an effective showpiece for the Woodstock Rainbow Makers. It allows each piece to hang freely and leaves enough space for the light to bounce and reflect off all the crystals. Adjustable stems.
  • Chrome-plated steel
  • Height: 20 inches • Diameter: 13 inches
  • Boxed Weight: 1.6 lb.
    Dimensions: H 20'' ▪ Dia. 13''
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    Rainbow Makers Package

    Rainbow Makers Package

    A RM refill with Crystal Fantasies, Angels and Cascades - 57 total, plus organza gift bags.

    These sell best when displayed near a light source - it'll fill your store with rainbows!

    Specifically, this refill includes:

    2 CFAN Crystal Fantasy - Angel
    2 CFBEE Crystal Fantasy - Bee
    2 CFBU Crystal Fantasy - Butterfly
    2 CFCRD Crystal Fantasy - Cardinal
    2 CFDOG Crystal Fantasy - Dog
    2 CFDR Crystal Fantasy - Dragonfly
    2 CFHU Crystal Fantasy - Hummingbird
    2 CFOW Crystal Fantasy - Owl
    2 CFRF Crystal Fantasy - Rainbow Fairy
    2 CFTC Crystal Fantasy - Tabby Cat
    2 CFTL Crystal Fantasy - Tree of Life
    2 CGGT Crystal Guardian Angel - Garnet
    2 CGAT Crystal Guardian Angel - Amethyst
    2 CGAQ Crystal Guardian Angel - Aquamarine
    2 CGAB Crystal Guardian Angel - Aurora Borealis
    2 CGEM Crystal Guardian Angel - Emerald
    2 CGLA Crystal Guardian Angel - Light Amethyst
    2 CGRY Crystal Guardian Angel - Ruby
    2 CGPE Crystal Guardian Angel - Peridot
    2 CGSA Crystal Guardian Angel - Sapphire
    2 CGRO Crystal Guardian Angel - Rose
    2 CGTZ Crystal Guardian Angel - Topaz
    2 CGBZ Crystal Guardian Angel - Blue Zircon
    1 CCAL Crystal Rainbow Cascade - Almond
    2 CCBA Crystal Rainbow Cascade - Ball
    1 CCIC Crystal Rainbow Cascade - Icicle
    1 CCOC Crystal Rainbow Cascade - Octagon
    1 CCIA Crystal Ice Cascade - Almond
    1 CCII Crystal Ice Cascade - Icicle
    1 CCMB Crystal Moonlight Cascade - Ball
    1 CCMI Crystal Moonlight Cascade - Icicle
    1 CCSG Crystal Sunrise Cascade - Green
    1 CCSU Crystal Sunrise Cascade - Purple
    And get for free:
    1 CDS Fiddlehead Counter Display
    1 RMPLAC Rainbow Makers Placard
    57 BAGL Organza Bags
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    Precious Stones Package

    Precious Stones Package

    These charming impulse buys are perfect for all seasons and all reasons. Our Signature Collection sweetheart!

    An assortment of 48 Precious Stones Chimes, all from our Signature Collection. Comes with a free Petite Chime Display.

    Specifically, this package includes:

    6 PSAM Precious Stones Chime - Amethyst
    6 PSCR Precious Stones Chime - Crystal
    6 PSJ Precious Stones Chime - Jade
    6 PSL Precious Stones Chime - Lapis
    6 PSPJ Precious Stones Chime - Prairie Jasper
    6 PSR Precious Stones Chime - Rose Quartz
    6 PST Precious Stones Chime - Turquoise
    6 PSTE Precious Stones Chime - Tiger's-Eye
    And get for free:
    1 CDS Fiddlehead Counter Display
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