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Patina Vie Bespoke

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Patina Vie Bespoke
Exp Jul 31, 2023

Patina Vie Bespoke Summer Show Promotion

Patina Vie Bespoke orders starting at $600 receive discounts. See Details for more information.

Patina Vie Bespoke Summer Show Promotion

Patina Vie Bespoke is the charming front door to our authentic life + style.  Designed & curated from our boutique to yours … (So glad you’ve found us!)

Patina (Italian): the covetable, subtle, luscious layer that graces copper, leather, wood, plaster and people (smile) when we’re too busy to notice …

Vie (French): life

Bespoke (English): the really good stuff

Patina Vie Bespoke is our lifelong celebration of tumbled imperfection, history and style that can’t be manufactured, planned or duplicated.

 It lives in the real moments of every day and gets better with time.

We’re a small team of cool girls – headquartered in small town Wisconsin.  We have a passion for exceptional artistry and craftsmanship and approach design and goods with a stylist’s eye.  Small town.  Warm Hearts.  Loads of pretty.

History + Style Collide

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